Our Clients

See what our clients are saying about Just Play’s products and services.

“From our virtual clinic to teaching our team, Just Play is the best in the business.”

Brenda Frese
Head Coach, Maryland Women’s Basketball

“Just Play helps our team and staff better prepare. It’s the best teaching tool in the game.”

Nate Oats
Head Coach, Buffalo Men’s Basketball

“We are always looking for a competitive edge. Just Play helps us prepare our entire team better, period.”

Billy Kennedy
Head Coach, Texas A&M Men’s Basketball

“The best resource in the game to teach players and coaches your system.”

Tremaine Jackson

Defensive Coordinator, Abilene Christian Football

“In my 16 years of coaching, no product has helped our players more day in and day out.”

Chris Hollender

Assistant Coach, Missouri Men's Basketball

“Execution on the field has improved dramatically since we signed on with Just Play.”

John Poppe

Secondary Coach, Columbia Football

“Just Play improved our playbook and game planning in every way.”

Brian Flinn
WR Coach, Villanova Football

“It’s been a huge tool for us and has definitely contributed to our recent success. I know our players are more prepared because I’ve seen the results. Our players like the fact that we aren’t handing them bulky reports that they throw in their lockers or shove in a backpack. For this era and generation, it’s a no-brainer to use Just Play.

Seth Minter

Associate Head Coach, Western Illinois Women's Basketball

“Last spring, we built out our summer development program in Just Play. We now have individual player templates for offensive and defensive skills, nutrition goals, mental training and leadership training, as well as our motivational accountability piece. We also have uploaded skill-development focus videos for ball handling, passing, shooting and defense. And, each player has access to her individualized strength and conditioning program as a PDF file.  Everything is in one place so that my team and I are well prepared.”

Belle Koclanes

Head Coach, Dartmouth Women's Basketball

“We have our playbook, scouts, and film for individual players all in one place. It’s made our entire operation much more efficient.

Kory Alford

Video Coordinator, UCLA Men's Basketball

“Just Play has enhanced our game preparation and made our video playbook possible. The app
has given our Student-Athletes, who may be visual learners, the ability to be fully engaged and

Karen Aston
Head Coach, Texas Women’s Basketball

“I have been waiting a long time for a tool like this. Lacrosse has never seen a platform like Just Play. It will change the way lacrosse is taught and how teams prepare. With limited meeting time and many of us coaching multiple teams, this software will help us prepare more effectively in less time.”

Tom Mariano

Head Coach, Pace University Lacrosse & Florida Launch (MLL)

“Our players are utilizing the app on their phones and tablets, mentally running through plays over and over again, so when we’re out there on the court, you can tell they are a step ahead. Not only is their product more adaptable than others on the market, their customer service is phenomenal. I’m their biggest fan and would recommend their product to any coaches out there.

Jennifer Graf

Associate Head Coach, Troy Women's Basketball

“Just Play has given us the ability to teach our players in new ways. The access and organization of playbooks, terminology, and scouting reports integrated with video is revolutionary. We are looking forward to what they come up with next.

Adam Bauman

Director of Basketball Operations, Buffalo Men's Basketball