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What is Just Play?

Digital coaching tools combined with a player learning app for more effective preparation.

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Improve your workflow and player development cycle.


Quickly prepare playbooks, gameplans, scouts, and quizzes with easy-to-use coaching tools.


Send information to players on apps designed for personalized learning.


See players’ activity to keep them accountable and inform your preparation.

Just Play Coaches Spotlight

Daniel Algattas

Head Coach, San Bernardino Valley College

"...we’re ahead of anybody else who isn’t using this type of technology."

Everything in one place

All of your preparation in one easy-to-use system for players and coaches.

Put everything you do in one place to avoid switching between tools to prepare for practice and games.

What Just Play does

Build interactive playbooks, gameplans, scouting reports, and quizzes. Prepare faster and be more organized than ever before.

What Just Play connects

Easily import any type of file, including video from your existing breakdown tool, and attach it to your plays, gameplans, scouts, and quizzes.

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Teach faster and prepare better with Just Play's easy-to-use digital coaching tools.


Build out your playbooks, gameplans, terminology, and assignments in an easy all-in-one application.


The Just Play player app gives players an active way to study with dynamic play sheets, terminology training, video quizzes, and more.


Create diagrams for anything in your system with the best drawing tool on the market.


Easily import from your video editing system (HUDL, DVSport, XOS, etc.) and attach clips to plays, terminology, scouting reports, and quizzes.


Create and share gameplans and installs to make studying easy for your team. Use playbook settings to control exactly what your players can see.

Scouting Reports

Create opponent play diagrams quickly and share these along with notes and video with your team in the player app.

Player Analytics

Track each player’s usage down to the second for every page they view in the player app.


Create player accounts and groups to communicate with your team through in-app messages and text notifications.


The player app is accessible from any Android/iOS tablet or smart phone.

Access & Security

Control access and distribution for your system to ensure your playbook and program data is protected.

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